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by Reva Blau, August 5, 2010

"Like the great playwrights of Britain, Dalglish creates evocative characters and then rains existential rocks on them, revealing their core humanity in the process....  it is hard to take your eyes off (Brandon Chinn) as he embodies a quarterback all-star football player who has scheduled a time to come out as a gay man on national television."                                        Read more...

“Although the cast consists of only four men, their well-drawn characters fill the stage with believable personalities... The play's strengths lie in its relevance and believability. The interactions are convincing without the scripted feel of many other plays... Dalglish does a terrific job of incorporating these new, omnipresent aspects of contemporary society into the ancient art form of theater.”

Cape Cod Times
by Caroline Hughes, August 12, 2010

“‘Like Father, Like Son’ is a nice compliment to the summer performance palette in Provincetown and is sure to appeal to those looking for a distinctive gay voice and an exploration of the issues facing gay men of all ages.”
“The production features a talented quartet of actors.  David A. McCarron presents a delightfully nerdy Teddy, who is naively cynical and despondent that his father is getting more action than he is.  Mark Meehan adds a quirkiness to the newly out, middle-aged father, Ted, as he tears through his newfound sexual freedom with both abandon and glee.  Tony Travostino plays the heartbroken Geoffrey with sincerity and authenticity, while Brandon Chinn gives a layered performances as the hot, but challenged football star Bucky.”

Provincetown Magazine
by Steve Desroches, September 2, 2010

Like Father, Like Son